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Shot By Cruz is a Wedding Cinematography Company based in Long Island New York.


Owner, Steven Cruz is a Veteran, Father of two girls and a Husband.  Steven found his passion for film and the power of editing on a family vacation, He decided to keep just the good, and created a beautiful fun and emotional film to music on a memory that is still close to his families heart.  It is this power of emotion and the tools that he uses to wield that power that brought him to film school.  Steven brings his experience of cinematography and the art of storytelling to deliver a beautiful wedding film capturing all of the details to tell your perfect love story.  


Shot By Cruz is different than other wedding videographers in that we treat each wedding like a movie production.  Making creative choices during each stage of your event to deliver the best possible product.  Steven is not just a cinematographer, but a creative director working with other cinematographers to capture just the right angles and deliver high quality video for whatever the occasion.  


Please feel free to reach out and we will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss all of your video and photo needs.  

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